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Henan Province YUXI Bearing Co.,Ltd. Adapter Sleeve Branch. is located in the scenic city of Lingbao in Henan Province. Its predecessor was Yuxi adapter sleeve factory, founded in 1965, which was a state-owned medium-sized enterprise, and was transformed into a joint-stock enterprise in 2005. The company specializing in the production and sales of various metric and British system adapter sleeves, withdrawal sleeves, lock nuts, lock washers and locking devices. The registered trademark is “YXC”.

Henan Province YUXI Bearing Co.,Ltd. Adapter Sleeve Branch. is the largest high-end bearing accessories manufacturing and marketing base in China; it is China’s only enterprise involved in the drafting and revision of the national standards for withdrawal adapter sleeves, the new standard: GB / T9160.1-2006; GB916 0.2-2006; it is also the only company imported dedicated testing equipment from Germany, and the only manufacturer exporting “Yuxi YXC Adapter Sleeves” in China.

The company currently employs more than 120 people, including 30 engineering and technical staff. It has a production area of 30,000 square meters. The company moved to the new plant in Lingbao North Industrial Park in 2012. It is the designated qualified supplier for a well-known American bearing company, a well-known American transmission parts company, and a well-known German bearing company. The company undergoes rigorous inspections by these companies each year.

The company has more than 30 units of precision CNC lathes in various types, nearly 20 sets of ID, OD grinders, whose machining diameter can reach 1,200MM, more than 100 sets of testing instruments, various types of testing equipment, instruments and thread gauges, and complete proofreading equipment. It is the Class II testing organization in Henan Province.

In recent years, the company has increased investments in product processing and quality testing. In terms of design and manufacture of bush products, the company has achieved the “five changes”, namely, CAD for product design, process flow for production processes, computer control for CNC machining, fixed heat treatment processes, and ultra-refined work surfaces. The establishment of these processes has strictly ensured the performances of the product, so that YXC products can become the most competitive brand products among bearing accessories and imported products in China.

The Company adopted the new ISO9001 quality system certification in June 2003, being able to produce and sell various types of bushes of more than 300 specifications in strict accordance with international standards, national standards and corporate internal control standards stricter than the above standards. The products not only meet the requirements for general-purpose products, but also meet the special purpose bearings with high-speed, quasi-high speed, low noise, high precision performances. The products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, textile, oil, electricity and other areas. In addition, the company can also design and manufacture products according to special requirements of customers, and is responsible for providing related technical services.

“People-orientation and harmonious common development” is our business philosophy.

“Seeking excellence and greater perfection” is our quality concept.

“Utmost sincerity and fast response” is our service concept.

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