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Brand Strategy

Facing the fierce market competition, the Adapter Sleeve Branch of Henan Yuxi Bearing Co., Ltd. is dedicated to building China's No.1 brand of bearing accessories, focusing their efforts on the market, to maintain the leading position of YXC Adapter Sleeves in the industry, and turn YXC into a Chinese well-known trademark, Chinese famous brand, and the most competitive bearing accessories brand in China.

In 2003, adapter sleeve branch proposed the brand strategy of “complete varieties, high quality, and well-known brand”, to enhance the overall management level, especially the quality management level, through cooperation with well-known foreign companies; aiming at the international advanced level, the company launched the re-construction program targeted at expanding varieties, improving grades, developing exports and substituting imports. By seizing the opportunity of cooperating with well-known foreign bearing companies, the company has carried out all-round technological transformation on production process, quality management process, and equipment from a high starting point, and proposed the new brand development strategy: cultivating the brand by relying on strength, developing the brand through innovation, supporting the brand with integrity, caring for the brand by the staff, and promoting the brand through the market.

Cultivating the brand by relying on strength: through technological transformation, adapter sleeve branch has become the first enterprise in the industry that carried out technological transformation and boasts of the strongest strength and the fastest market effectiveness; in 2003, the company has completed the CNC machining, and the products have reached the international level. As of early February 2004, a sound pattern of having processes for all sizes and equipping all size tests with gages had been formed. In 2009, the company introduced the specialized bearing accessories test equipment from Germany, to improve the reliability of test results.

Developing the brand through innovation: targeted at market development directions, actively adjust the market structure, optimize product structure, focus efforts on the development of supporting products for high-precision bearings, to replace imported products and export products, and be constantly innovative in business management, marketing, and corporate image promotion.

Supporting the brand through integrity: adapter sleeve branch always regards customer value as their work standard, striving to provide our customers with value-added services. “Our goal is to satisfy customer needs in the domestic market to the maximum extent with the lowest cost and the most efficient service”. We have proposed the service concept of “ultimate sincerity and meticulousness, and rapid response”, requiring that each aspect from the procurement of raw materials to sales and shipment must respond to the market as quickly as possible, to truly make the customer feel that we are their most sincere friend. At the same time, the adapter sleeve branch also actively participates in market promotion activities, to enhance brand image.

Caring for the brand by staff: “We should cherish our brand and goodwill as much as we cherish our eyes, and love everything in adapter sleeve branch”. This has become the code of conduct of all staff of adapter sleeve branch. We will reciprocate users and satisfy their needs based on the concept that “first-class products originate from endless creation”, and continuously produce high-quality products and provide quality services through pursuing perfection.

Since 2009, adapter sleeve branch has proposed the “large enterprise” concept, to extend the business management to the level of suppliers in the front part of the management chain and to the level of users in the rear part of the management. They attach importance to the development of strategic partnerships, and proposed the operating principle of “providing users with value-added services and creating market value for the enterprise”, providing users with standardized delivery service, advanced, reliable, stable product quality services, honesty-based full-process credit services, services at reasonable prices with emphasis on the overall cost of services, and comprehensive solution to the domestic service.

We firmly believe that through our joint efforts, YXC products will surely become a Chinese famous brand, and an international famous brand.

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