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Overseas customers visited our company






On May 20, 2012, a group of 5 people from Climax USA came to our company for a site visit.

General Manager Wang Chunfeng led the guests to visit the annealing workshop, production workshop, inspection and measurement room, finished goods warehouse, and communicated and negotiated with the customers on the company's production capacity, testing equipment, management situation and further cooperation issues. After that, General Manager Wang Chunfeng accompanied the customer of Climax to visit the new factory of Yuxi Fastening Set, and the customer expressed his affirmation on the scale of the new factory, and also gave us some valuable opinions on moving the factory, and the customer expressed his full affirmation and recognition on our future cooperation.

Both sides had a series of negotiation on the purchase of processing equipment and technical communication, and finally reached an agreement.

Through the interview with the customer, we not only clarified the roles that each side needs to play in the future development, but also clarified the future development plan, laying a solid foundation for the future deep cooperation between the two sides. Both sides expressed their unlimited confidence in future development!

We believe that based on the deep trust and good cooperation between both sides, our future road will be better and further!

The tomorrow of YXC Fastening Bushing Company will be even better!




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