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“May Day” Yuxi Outward Bound in Grand Canyon






From April 28 to 30, 2012, the company organized an outdoor training with the goal of "refining the team and surpassing oneself" to the Grand Canyon of Yuxi. During the three days, all the participants experienced unprecedented challenges in terms of courage and perseverance.

This training is not only a simple training, but also a culture, a spirit, a philosophy of inheritance; a kind of thinking, a test, an embodiment of temperament. Opened up the horizons, increased knowledge, body and mind by a great relaxation ....

"High altitude broken bridge" broken bridge a small step, a big step in life!

"Blind Man's Square" Experienced the leadership of managers and the execution of employees.

"Crazy Market" Integrating and executing market information resources.

"Crossing the life and death grid" Every chance is treated as the last chance, give it your best shot, then the chance of success must be the greatest!

"Trust in Backstabbing" Trust is the basis of cooperation. It tests the trust in others and trains people to think differently.

"Deck escape" this project is the most difficult, but also the most moving, 4.6 meters high on the wall without any place to grab with hands or feet, only a rope. The team had to rely on the strength of the team to make everyone pass. Using the method of human ladder, first sent up a few male members, and then the team members one by one to pull up. The whole project was carried out, the scene was very intense, there was always a sense of urgency in it, the male team members worked very hard in this project, and finally the whole team successfully crossed!

Usually, I can't believe myself, always leave myself with such and such a retreat, in case of failure how to do? What if you can't do it, what if ...... However, once there is no way back, everyone will go all out, in fact, it is proven: success is forced out!

Closing camp: the coach asked the male members of the human ladder to take off their shirts, when they saw the shocking bloodstains, everyone shed tears, just because we are a team, teammates let others to step on, just because we are a team, stepped on teammates selfless dedication, just because we are a team ......

Just three days of training, it gives each participant inspiration and experience is a permanent spiritual wealth, no matter what position I am in, as long as the heart experience will be very useful life insights. The training has achieved the following goals.

First, an excellent team should first have an excellent leader, a common vision of goals, and a plan to achieve common goals.

Second, communication in the team is particularly important: only with adequate communication with each other, in order to maximize their potential, with our common wisdom to overcome difficulties, to complete the task.

Third, a reasonable division of labor, mutual cooperation: in a team, each person has only a different division of labor, no different priorities, each person should do his or her own job, maximize their own strengths, our team will do the best!

Fourth, trust: trust friends and colleagues, trust yourself, because only trust each other to form a team cohesion - indestructible force!

Fifth, discipline: no rules do not make a circle, in a team without discipline, it can not be called a team, only a scattered sand!





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