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Brief news on the basketball game






  Bathing in the warm April breeze, on the afternoons of April 10 - April 13, and April 18, Yuxi Bearing Co., Ltd. organized four basketball games the Light Stadium of the company. The atmosphere on the field was very exciting. The sound of gongs and drums quickly ignited the fighting spirit of players. The competition was fierce, and the scores of both teams also appeared to be indented. At the third game, the adapter sleeve branch team lost to the workshop united team by 35: 37 and stooped to the second place. At the fourth friendly match, Yuxi bearing company team was defeated by Yubei prison team by 39:42.

  Through this basketball game, the young people of Yuxi Bearings and the adapter sleeve Branch demonstrated their fighting spirit; the game enhanced mutual friendship between Yuxi Bearings teams and Yubei prison team, and strengthened the cohesion of young people.




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