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A inspiring place favored by nature – Golden City Celestial Treasure






Lingbao City is located in the western part of Henan Province at the junction of Henan, Jin and Shaanxi Provinces, bordering the Yellow River in the north. It shares borders with Luonan and Tongguan counties in Shaanxi Province, Richeng and Pinglu counties in Shanxi Province, and Shaanxi, Luoning and Lushi counties in Henan Province, respectively. Lingbao City has a long history, splendid culture, beautiful scenery and rich resources, including the Hanguguan Pass where Laozi wrote the Tao Te Ching, the sacred place where the descendants of China trace their roots and worship their ancestors - Jing Mountain Huangdi Casting Ding Yuan, the Xipo National Prehistoric Site Park, as well as the national forest park Yawu Mountain and the Yellow River Wonderland Dinghu Bay.

  Statue of Lao Tzu



  Hangu Pass




  View of Hangu Pass



  Laozi Plaza



  Lao Tzu's birth 2586 years ago both Tao Te Ching was introduced 2503



  Night view of Lingbao North District







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