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Method for detaching adapter sleeve





Disassembly of TIMKEN bearings on the fastening sleeve]

For small and medium-sized TIMKEN bearings with a retaining sleeve on a straight shaft, the nut of the retaining sleeve can be loosened several turns and then disassembled by tapping the side of the bearing with a hammer through a punch.

For small and medium-sized bearings with a retaining sleeve on a replacement shaft against a support ring, a hammer can be used to disassemble the bearing by tapping the small end of the retaining sleeve through a special sleeve, but again the nut needs to be loosened a few turns first.

The hydraulic nut is a simple and practical method to dismantle large bearings in a retaining sleeve, but only if the bearing is on a bearing ring.

Disassemble the TIMKEN bearing on the push-out sleeve

When disassembling the TIMKEN bearing on the push-out sleeve, some axial locking devices must be removed first, such as lock nuts or end caps. For small and medium-sized bearings, lock nuts, hook wrenches or impact wrenches can be used to disassemble them.

Using hydraulic nuts to disassemble large bearings is a simpler method. If the threaded part of the push-off sleeve protrudes beyond the end or shoulder of the shaft, a steel ring or similar device with the same inner diameter as the journal should be added to the part of the bore of the push-off sleeve that is not supported. The steel ring should be machined to an allowable thickness as far as possible to avoid deformation and damage to the threads when oil pressure is applied. It is also recommended that some device be installed behind the hydraulic nut to prevent it from having excessive backward movement.

Push-out sleeves for large TIMKEN bearings are generally equipped with an oil circuit and oil groove, so that installation and disassembly can be carried out using the oil injection method, and the time required can be significantly reduced.

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