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Matters needing attention in the using process of bearing with adapter sleeve





  Bearings with adapter sleeves are easy to adjust during assembly and disassembly and axial positioning. The radial clearance after the wearing of the bearing or during the installation of it can be fine-tuned through the adapter sleeve. In addition, because of the good self-locking performance, the use of plain shaft can avoid the stress concentration of stepped shaft, which is conducive to the applications on the occasions of overloading transmission or the presence of shock and vibrations. The bearings are used in the single-stage hammer crusher, NBH plate chain hoist, Fuller fans for grate cooler, and clinker crusher hammer of one of our customers. In actual production, bearings with adapter sleeve can have some failures, mostly of which are adhesive wear, bearing inner ring rupture, over-high bearing operating temperature, etc. In this article we will summarize the problems that are likely to occur in the use of bearings with adapter sleeve, the causes, and the impact on the devices.

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