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Instructions to national standard of adapter sleeve and withdrawal sleeve





GB/T9160 "Rolling Bearing Accessories" is divided into 2 parts: - Part 1: Tapered bushings; - Part 2: Tapered bushings

--Part 1: Tapered bushings;

--Part 2: Lock nut and locking device.

This part is the 1st part of GB/T9160.

This part corresponds to ISO2982-1:1995 "Rolling Bearing Accessories Part 1: Tapered Bushing Dimensions", and the degree of consistency with ISO2982-1:1995 is non-equivalent.

This part is redrafted according to ISO2982-1:1995.

The main differences between this part and ISO2982-1:1995 are as follows.

-- Some formatting changes have been made in accordance with Chinese language conventions;

--Some of the expressions applicable to international standards are changed to the expressions applicable to our standards;

--Added Chapter 5 "code method", Chapter 6 "marking examples", Chapter 7 7.1 tight bushing size table tight bushing type, the composition of tight bushing parts code, Chapter 7 7.2 tight bushing size table tight bushing type and tight bushing reference Dimensions;

--Chapter 8 "Requirements", Chapter 9 "Measurement Methods", Chapter 10 "Marking", Chapter 11 "Inspection Rules" have been added. ", Chapter 12 "Packaging";

--Added Appendix A "measurement methods", Appendix B "by bearing series and bearing bore selection of tapered bushings".

This part of the appendix A and appendix B are normative appendix.

This part is proposed by the China Machinery Industry Federation.

This part by the National Rolling Bearing Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC) under the mouth.

This part of the drafting unit: Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, Yu Xi Bearing Factory tight set of sub-factory.

This part of the main drafter: Ma Suqing, Wang Chunfeng

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