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Guests from Belgium visited






  On July 14, 2011, a number of guests from Emerson Rollway came to visit our company. Wang Chunfeng, general manager of the company, warmly received the guests and accompanied them to visit the production workshops of Yuxi Bearing. He introduced our products and their advantages in the international arena, the development conditions since the launching of the products, and the domestic and international cooperation projects of the company. The flexible business model of Yuxi Adapter Sleeve and the innovative ideas in technology research and development have left a deep impression on the guests.

  Wang Chunfeng introduced the company’s experience in the production processes accumulated over the past forty years; both sides discussed about the existing product types of our company, as well as the research and quality inspection work. They are eager to carry out extensive cooperation in the field of technology with our company, to make better use of the production spaces, and promote each other's technology and techniques.

  After that, Emerson Rollway guests inspected the new plants in the north industrial area, the production workshops and the office environment; the guests spoke highly of our strong technical strength. General manager of the company Wang Chunfeng accompanied the guests to conduct onsite tests on tight sleeves, withdrawal sleeves, etc. in the workshops, which received unanimous praise from the guests. “Very good” is the greatest encouragement for us!



  Study of production processes



  Check the quality of goods in the warehouse



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